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Yes, at St. Thomas Dental we do cosmetic dentistry.

I am truly honored to be a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) because of the high level of professional integrity and quality standards they set, and continue to evolve, for how dentistry can be done. We are a special group of dentists, focusing on achieving the highest esthetics dentistry is capable of. It’s a very exciting field. We want to offer you, our patients, the latest and greatest in the esthetic art and science of dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve that beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted. Whitening. Veneers. Implants. Tooth colored dental fillings. That’s all part of cosmetic dentistry. We can do it all for you. But that’s not all of it. At least not for us. Not for me.

At St. Thomas Dental, cosmetic dentistry actually means much more for you.

Although we do get amazing results, at St. Thomas Dental, cosmetic dentistry is more than just making great looking smiles. It’s about practicing dentistry, day to day, as an art and a science at the highest level possible. What this means for you is that it doesn’t matter if you are getting a routine filling or crown on a back molar that nobody can see, or veneers on your front teeth in the middle of your smile that everyone will see, the same standards of beautiful esthetic practice are used. Results are made beautiful, no matter what.
Working at the highest esthetic level makes me happy. Deep appreciation of esthetics is part of my identity. For me, to remain in integrity with who I am, that esthetic derived from the practice of from cosmetic dentistry, and espoused by the AACD, needs to carry over to your experience at my office. I believe in beautiful dentistry. I believe in a beautiful dental experience. For you, my staff, and me. Yes, it stems from my participation with the esthetic group of special dentists at the AACD, but it spills over, intentionally and consciously, into everything we do at St. Thomas Dental. Into things you may never directly see. We practice a certain work ethic because of our own personal and professional desire to achieve and sustain the highest esthetic of professional practice.

Cosmetic dentistry at St. Thomas Dental can give you that amazing smile that you’ve always wanted and will make the experience getting there equally amazing. That’s a promise.

Enrico Wensing DDS, PhD

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